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Peerless Course


The Peerless Series is a beginners course that covers the basics of cultivating personal agency. Take a 15 week journey with me…I’ll give you practical guidance and effective techniques to master your mind & emotions.

What I teach in Peerless is the foundation of all other courses. These are the fundamentals of energetic hygiene, energetic boundary, understanding moods and thought patterns, getting and staying deeply grounded and centered, learning to detect what is you and what is foreign in your system, and ways to clear out energy vamps and mental and emotional debris.



Releasing Hooks and Cords Course

Releasing Hooks & Cords

This is an 18 + week deep dive into emotional hooks and energetic cords. Like all my work, it’s ultimately about learning to master your human vehicle — which is another way to say: freedom.

If you’ve already taken Peerless, this is the natural next level of energy management personal sovereignty. Even if you haven’t taken Peerless yet, you’ll still find this course very effective.

18 WEEKLY LESSONS + bonus material

($425 for Peerless graduates)


Mastery Course


I’ll give you the tools, perspectives and techniques to stop being a passenger and get in the driver’s seat.

Weekly audio lessons cover a range of topics, from mood management, facing your insecurities, getting the upper hand with thought loops, busting out of cherished ruts and more.

We’ll take a 6 month deep dive into the mechanics of the mind, energy body, advanced work on maintaining boundaries, radical self-honesty, focus and lucidity.


($325 for Peerless graduates)


Reclaim your power and clear your energy field.

The Reclaiming

An 8 week powerhouse of Energy clearing, integration and unearthing lost treasures.

Whatever other work you’re doing — whether it’s practical, psychological, spiritual or magical — it’ll be easier and more effective once you clear your system of blocks, programming and debris. Use this material to reveal your unshakable foundation, your true nature, your authority.


($250 for Peerless graduates)



I offer significant discounts for Peerless graduates. In part, it’s my way of showing appreciation to those who go on that journey with me. Peerless is the cornerstone of everything else I teach.

Another reason I give graduate discounts is to encourage you to take Peerless! If I accept you into any of my courses…you will benefit from them, even if you haven’t taken Peerless. Taking Peerless isn’t required.

Yet, if you’ve taken Peerless, you’ll get a lot more from other courses, and even gain a deeper understanding of my writing and youtube videos. So I encourage you to take Peerless.

Are Courses Right For You?

I don’t allow you to purchase courses automatically from the website. You need to write me and let me know a bit about yourself, what kind of material you’ve studied before and what you hope to learn and gain from taking my course.

Consider this: the course may not be right for you. If I don’t think you’ll get what you’re looking for by taking my course, I’ll let you know.

So if you want to sign up for my courses, please shoot me a message introducing yourself. Let me know which course you want to sign up to, what kinds of techniques you’ve learned up to now, and what you hope to gain from taking the course. What are you looking to change in your life? Why do you want to take the course?

Are you ready to commit to working with the material? Is this just another impulse self improvement gambit? Think about it.

Course fees are non-refundable, please ask questions about the course to determine if it’s right for you before signing up. All course fees are paid via Paypal or in $USD.

Audio Spells

Custom Meditation Audios

Personalized Audio Spells

Customize an Audio Spell with your own targets and affirmations

You’ve listened to my Audio Spells on Youtube and you know how powerful they are. People report all kinds of energy shifts, release from emotional hooks, increased wellbeing and even unexpected income. And then there are the harder to describe effects — expressed as a feeling of coming home to oneself.

You can super charge these audio spells — by personalizing the audios with your own affirmations and target statements. What would you like to say to yourself in that deep, magic-infused state?

Get Your Custom Audio

Audio Spells

Full Length Audio Spells

Unmake yourself. Remake yourself. Choose.

My full length audio spells are an experience-map, escorting you into deep and profound layers of your reality, bypassing the limitations of the thinking mind.

Wealth Audio Spell 3 hours

Downloadable MP3 version backed by binaural beats + access to private video version backed by music. Three hours of pure intensity, magic and release.


Dissolve the veil of the mundane world and sync your aura, your personal energy biosphere, with the layer of your reality stream where magic and miracles are evident.

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