Create Your Own

Clearing Alien Interference Basics

If you prefer to devise your own clearing process, here is a skeleton script to start from:

Disable the false light and dead light zones.

I access my system now on all levels, even the deep and subtle levels, even the ancient levels. All levels are open to me and available for clearing.

I remove all alien interference.

I remove all energy manipulation, mind control and programming.

I remove all implants, devices and alien technology.

I sever all cords to alien groups.

I break and seal off any alien hive mind connections.

I remove all alien surveillance and tracking.

I rescind all agreements from my ancestors that open me to alien interference. I release all alien imprints from my bloodline.

I release all imprints of trauma and all forms of limitation resulting from experiences with alien groups, in all lifetimes.

I clear all karmic or other lifetime vows, agreements or commitments with negative alien races.

I clear and close any portals, openings, vortexes and channels to negative alien dimensions or groups.

I clear and remove all alien interference, close all openings and portals,  dissolve all attachments and agreements, and seal any openings and vulnerabilities in my system.

I call back all soul fragments and soul loss through alien interference. I call on my Future Self to help my soul fragments return.

I hold a heavy, blue sapphire in the shape of an egg. It’s large, and I hold it cupped in both my hands. As I call my soul fragments back, I see them flowing into the blue crystalline egg. The egg, with all the soul fragments is absorbed into the Future Self for healing and reintegration. The soul fragments will return to me in time, each as they are healed and ready.

I call on my Future Self to restore my divine original blueprint. Free from all alien interference.

Now I address my reality:


All that I’ve said will be done. All that I intend will be done. This is my true will, and I seal it into my reality.