Creating Reality

Every person has the ability to create, compose, or program, reality. Neat, right? Yet, this statement has lost most of its meaning. Why? Because it’s been painted as something mystical, magical, religious, new age or sci-fi. Our minds have wrapped it with a Special label, and as soon as that happens, we can’t see it clearly anymore.

Instead of presenting this information to people as ordinary, it’s mixed into movies where we see this very basic and ordinary process used to demonstrate fantastical applications — dodging bullets and walking on the ceiling. Or it’s wrapped in religious mysticism, relegated to the domain of recluse yogis, monks and gurus: special people. Alternatively, we may associate it with flakey people who bang on with annoying zeal about Manifesting.

It’s all fascinating in its own way, but our minds automatically wrap this information with a Special label, and we can’t see it clearly anymore.

It’s not special at all, it’s basic, ordinary, obvious. The material is also kind of dry — like being taught basic financial literacy, only, instead of being about managing the currency of money and how money works in your day to day life, it’s about managing the currency of energy.

If I resort to terms that sound kind of mystical or technical, forgive me. I just haven’t found a good, practical lexicon. I have a technical background and I’m Ultra Sensory, so I lean into these two ways of visualizing the process, and that’s how I tend to describe things. Feel free to feed this information into your preferred way of visualizing it. I stress again that there is nothing Special about what I’m sharing with you.


Imagine all the people in the world, energetically. Now, let’s turn off the filter that allows us to see details like their skin, clothes and hair color, and let’s instead switch to the filter that allows us to see their energy. It’s a bit like looking at someone using thermal vision.

You can see the densest part of a person’s physical form, and around it is an energy field of roundish or oval shaped glowing energy. It’s not uniform, you can see many variations in size, shape, color, opacity, and so on.

Within each person’s field there are channels transmitting frequencies. There’s a mental channel, and that frequency looks and sounds a certain way. There’s a heart channel, and that frequency looks and sounds a certain way. Beneath these two channels is the Signature Core Frequency.

Are you imaging this? Everyone in the world, a sea of people, glowing with energy and transmitting these two channels of the heart and mind frequencies, plus the Core Frequency (which isn’t a channel, like the other two). See them glowing, hear and feel these frequencies.

A person is a reality generator. In this sea of imaginary glowing humans, let’s focus in on one person who has engaged this internal mechanism. We notice a few things about him that set him apart from the people around him.

  • He is glowing pure and strong. He has noticeably more energy than others.
  • His energy field is sealed and self contained.
  • He holds a clear, simple vision of what he intends.
  • His heart and mind frequencies switch from the chaotic, separate, discordant state into harmony.
  • His energy fuels his creation.

This is the basic mechanism by which humans efficiently, intentionally, create their personal layer of reality:

Clear intention + harmonized heart and mind frequencies + energy = reality generation.


Humans are not the only units who can program reality. Egregores are thoughtforms with an autonomous existence that can also do this, though the mechanics are different. They have no heart or mind channels, only programming. They also cannot produce their own energy, so they need to source energy from humans.

If this caused you to recoil in horror, don’t. You’re having a reaction that has little to do with reality. It’s just the residue stuck in your imagination from movies, religion and the like. If you’ve experienced a reflexive negative reaction to this idea, bring yourself to a neutral, curious and objective state before reading on.

I am calling them egregores, but you could think of them as meta programs or thought-energy AIs: thought energy coalesced around a specific topic or activity or intention. Some are small, some are global. The egregore is a tool, a mechanism, that harnesses human energy toward a set of outcomes.

The default formula or mechanism for egregore reality creation is:

Programming + entrained human frequencies + human energy = reality generation.

Let’s return to our world full of glowing, energetic people and focus in on a person who is unconsciously engaging with an egregore.

The egregore throws some hooks toward this hypothetical woman and one finds a corresponding opening, a match, in her system. It hooks in, and loads a program into her system that makes her think and feel in a way that will entrain her heart and mind frequencies to match the frequency of the egregore. It can now use her heart and mind channels, as well as her energy, to fuel its reality generation mechanism.

There are skillful, useful ways to transact with egregores, but for now we are sticking to what happens when you do it without awareness, which leads to hooks and cords.

Energy: The Currency of Life

Energy is necessary to create reality. You have a limited amount of energy and every interaction in the outer and inner reality projections takes energy. Energy and awareness are your two most precious resources.

It takes energy to create and live your own script, your own intentions, your own original, authentic life. It takes energy to evolve. Your energy can either be used toward your own script or it can be diverted and used to further someone else’s script, or that of an egregore.

Every interaction in your external reality and internal reality, both of those projections, are energy transactions. And that’s fine — your energy is yours to use, but the question is whether you are doing it in full awareness.


Your energy bank account: This week, notice the ways you spend your energy throughout your day, and think of it exactly the way you’d think about spending money.

In the outer projection: what are you feeding your energy to? Is it toward the things that are authentically important to you? Do you have a crystal clear understanding of what’s important to you right now? Are you allocating your energy intentionally?

Look at your inner projection. How much energy do you spend on worrying, wondering what people think, criticizing yourself or others, daydreaming (not the useful kind), being resentful, being fearful, telling yourself elaborate stories? Ruminating? Thinking about or trying to solve other peoples’ problems, or the world’s problems? Forming or strengthening opinions? Hosting negative or disturbing images or allowing them to blossom into little mini movies where you allow your imagination to play out an unwanted script? What kind of energy leaks do you have going on in the inner projection?

This isn’t about taking action, it’s only about becoming aware of your expenditures — the way you’d keep track of spending cash throughout the day. You leave home with a certain amount of money in your wallet (let’s pretend…I mean, who uses cash anymore?). By the time you’re ready to go to bed, how much is left? What have you spent it on? You’d pretty much know the answer to that if it was money. This week, treat your energy in this way and become aware of your daily expenditures.

Look at all external prompts to pay attention to something, become involved in something or do something as requests for money.

Regard all inner prompts that require your attention, focus, powers of imagination or mental and emotional involvement as requests for money.

Where are you spending, but getting little to nothing in return — or even creating a deficit? Do you do this more in your outer projection — through interactions with people or media or activities? Or do you tend to do this more in your internal projection.

For instance, as I write this I am living in Vietnam. I was at a restaurant I frequent and a tiny kitten walked in, too young to be without its mother. I asked about it, and was told some things I won’t repeat, having to do with some truly horrifying customs that are still followed here.

Even though I had never witnessed it myself, my mind immediately created a full cast and set and played these scenes in my inner projection. I had to lean hard into all my years of practice in order to restore my inner projection. This is not how I choose to use my inner projection. This is not what I wish to spend my energy on, invest in, and calibrate to.

Accurately assessing expenditures in the inner projection can be confusing. For instance, worry does not equal caring about someone or something. Worry is expensive and provides nothing of value to you or the person or situation you are worrying about. Imagine taking the same amount of energy that is being expended in worry and repurposing it in a useful, productive way: by taking some action that might improve the situation, or using your imagination to hold a better outcome.

In the personal example I just gave, it would be easy to believe I was imagining horrible scenes and then having my entire system calibrate to them because I am a very sensitive person who cares about animals. I am, but is this really why this vivid and horrible script was running in my internal reality? Did playing this script in the screen of my precious imagination benefit animals in any way? No. This was not about compassion. I was momentarily shocked and experienced a loss of mastery, of authority, of sovereignty over the domain of my inner projection. When it comes to energy, this was an expensive lapse that provided nothing of value.

As you’re investigating your inner projection expenditures, be on the lookout for false equations. Worry = Caring or Worry = Being Prepared, for instance.