Heart Of The Future Self

Entering The Heart Of The Future Self

If you’ve followed my work on my blog or on youtube, you’ve heard me reference the Future Self. It’s a huge topic, and one that I am constantly weaving into my work, directly and indirectly. For this series, we’re going to enter the heart of the Future Self, and from that space of support, wisdom and protection, we’ll do the clearing and cutting practices.

You may be familiar with your Future Self. You may call it by another name. No matter how familiar you are, there is always a deeper union available, and new ways to approach this most essential connection.

This work requires support

No matter how much we learn about hooks and cords, clearing them — especially ones that involve deep patterns and important relationships — isn’t easy. These things get woven tightly into our energy bodies, our physical bodies and our emotional bodies. They become entangled with our identity.

Your own system will fight back when you try to remove them. People and social systems around you may very well push back. And sometimes, what we have to confront is heartbreaking. That’s why we reach for that higher octave of Self, our Future Self, and step into the support, protection and deep compassion available there.

You can do it however you like

I’m giving you a powerful visualization to enter the heart of the Future Self. Even if you have your own way, try this one and see what it feels like. If you don’t have an established method to make this connection, the best way to do it at first is right before you sleep.

Once you try this version, if you still want to use your own, or if you want to customize this version, please feel free to do so.

Making your statement

There is a point in the visualization where I tell you to address your world, address your reality. This is where you state who you are. I’ve inserted my statement, but of course, you will make your own. It starts with your full name. And then you make statements about who you are, on the deepest, most essential level. Who are you? This is my statement:

I am Amara Genevieve Felicity Strand.
I am the daughter of heaven.
I am the water bearer. The light bringer. I am the oasis in the desert.
I am eternal, and I have nothing at stake.
The law is my law, my every action proclaims it.

Now that you’ve seen this written out explicitly, when you listen to my various audio spells on youtube you’ll notice some variation of this is woven into almost all of them. I am telling my reality who I am and by what authority I address it. I wrote this statement for myself when I was in my early 20s, so it’s been my statement pretty much my entire adult life. If you could perceive my signature frequency, and then you could put it into words, this is essentially the resulting translation.

This week, practice two things:

  1. The practice of first looking at yourself and becoming profoundly aware of yourself, then, from that awareness, looking out at your reality, your world.  It’s a two part movement of awareness, attention: a) Turn inward: this is me. Center your awareness here. b) Turn outward: this is my world, my reality stream. Stop a few times a day and reorient yourself this way.
  2. Turning inward, who are you? Turning outward, by what authority do you address your world, your reality? If you could listen to your signature frequency and translate it into a statement about who you are, at your core, what would that statement be?

I’ve recorded my statements into the audios, but left space so while you are listening you can use that space to make your own statement. Try speaking it out loud. You can also state it in your mind of course, but do practice saying it out loud as well, so you can get used to the sound of the words and experience how the sound of them resonating in and around you through your voice changes your energy, body and even your reality stream.

If you can’t come up with your statements right away, that’s okay. The more you build that bridge, the more you engage in union with your Future Self, the clearer it will become. Meanwhile, use your full name as your statement.

And remember, you’ll always find audio links in the Materials tab, at the top of the main lesson for the week. So go back to the lesson page and find the Materials tab near the top. Also, don’t forget to mark the lesson complete when you are done.

Revisit Future Self

It might be a good time for a Future Self refresher! If you have time, you can explore that here.