Losing Yourself In The Projections

Asleep in the projections

The activity of hooks and receptors play out in the inner and outer projections. In order to be hooked, you must be asleep or captivated by what’s playing out in your outer reality projection or your inner reality projection. Hooks and receptors do not function in the Center Space.

When you’re captivated by what’s happening in your outer projection, your external reality, you lean into it — your energy, your awareness, leans into it.  You can get so captivated that you lose your balance and fall into your external projection. When this happens, you are asleep in your outer projection.

When you’re asleep, you are in a reactive state. Something happens, you react. You get triggered by external hooks and immediately the script starts running. You don’t choose it, it just happens. Your external reality appears to be complicated and opaque.

The same thing happens when you are captivated by the movie that’s playing in your inner projection. You lean too far and you lose your balance and fall into your internal movie and fall asleep there. When you’re asleep in your inner projection, you are in a reactive state. A thought or feeling appears, and you react.

What’s notable here is that you can trigger yourself without external hooks. If you’re asleep in your inner projection, you’re entirely subject to your egregore, your persona, your ego. Now you serve it, rather than it serving you. Even when no one is hooking you externally, you can project your wounds and beliefs outward so convincingly that you see them in your external reality, because your inner and outer projections mirror or reflect into each other.

When you lose yourself in your inner projection, your inner world of thoughts and feelings appears to be complicated and opaque. You experience your thoughts and feelings as things that happen to you.

Your external and internal projections are like movies that are being cast onto screens, but they also have another mode, which is a fully immersive experience. You can step into your inner projection and move around in it, interact with the characters and set pieces there. You can step into your external projection and do the same.

When you do this in full awareness, maintaining your Center Space awareness, you can enter those immersive inner and outer projections without falling asleep in them, without losing yourself. Often, we think we are doing this, when really we are asleep in our projections. Isn’t that hilarious? We’re asleep in our projections, dreaming we are maintaining our Center Space awareness!

The dead giveaway is when we realize we’re distorting our reality stream through excess attachment. Something happens or doesn’t happen in our external projection and we imbue it with weight, density, importance and meaning. We inject something in our reality stream with a big dose of energy. In our inner projection, we do the same. A feeling or story or thought or belief appears and we make it a Big Deal. All the while, we believe we are moving through the inner and outer immersive experiences with mastery! With our Center Space awareness!

It’s okay. You’re going to learn to notice when you are juicing up your inner and outer projections with excess energy. It’s actually not hard at all, it’s the simplest thing, once you get used to it.

You might want to put your attention on remaining in the Center Space, and that’s fine. But just notice if you feel like this is really hard, or that you’re having to force it. I think the easiest way for most people is to focus on becoming aware of:

  • Your energy. Yes! It’s odd, but we’re not fully familiar with our own energy. What’s it like at rest? What does it feel like when I move it into something in my external or internal projection? Observe, study, be fascinated by your own energy.
  • When you make something important, ask yourself why? Watch what happens. Watch the mind rationalize, justify, defend. Just watch it.
  • When you make something important, what part of you is invested in it, bound to it?
  • Who do you have to be in order for this artefact of your internal or external projection to be important? This is important because I am….

Start watching, asking, poking around in the machinery.