Releasing Hooks and Cords User’s Guide

Access to Lessons

You can see all the Lessons in the left sidebar, but you are only given access to them in order and on a specific schedule. You can continue to revisit previous Lessons, but you can’t jump forward in the course.

Make sure you click the Mark Complete button — you’ll find it at the top and bottom of every page. Clicking on Mark Complete tells the system you’ve completed the current page and are ready for the next. You can’t move on to the next material until you’ve marked your current material complete.

This is also how you track what you’ve completed and what material you have left to work through.

You will gain access to a new lesson every 7-10 days.

Navigation structure

The course is made up of Lessons, Topics, Materials.

Lessons are the backbone of the course. A Lesson may have additional pages, called Topics. Lessons may also have associated audio files. Some Lessons do not have either and are just a single page.

If a Lesson has additional Topic pages, they can be found in the left sidebar or in a box at the bottom of the Lesson page called Lesson Content.

How to find audio links

If there is an audio that comes with the lesson, you’ll find the link to the audio under the Materials tab near the top of the Lesson page.

To access an audio file, click on the bold text audio link. You’ll be taken to a page where you can enter the password. Once you enter the password, a player will load where you can listen directly from the page or you can download the file — just look for the Download link.

If you download the audio file, you can play it on any device that can play mp3.

If you get a notice that says the audio won’t load, wait a couple seconds and try refreshing your browser, it should load after that. Let me know if you continue to have issues playing the audio files and I will do my best to figure out a way to resolve it.

If you don’t see a Materials tab on a lesson page, that means there is no audio for that lesson.


To access audio links, you may be asked for a password. The password for all materials files for this course is:


Questions and Field Reports

Please post your questions, observations and field report updates on the Releasing Hooks & Cords Forum. Important: please include the title of the lesson or topic you are working on in your post.

The Releasing Hooks & Cords Forum is only visible to participants for thisĀ  course. You must be signed in to access it.

Please respect other forum members by:

  • Being concise and using punctuation. No one wants to read excessively long posts or unpunctuated posts. Brevity and basic punctuation is required.
  • Keep your posts on topic. The forum is for sharing questions and experiences directly related to course material. It’s not for general conversations, even about really interesting or cool topics.
  • The forum is not a substitute for private consults or sponsored posts. If you are having a personal issue you need to address with me, the forum is not the place for it.
  • Always, be kind.
  • Do not post personal identifying or contact information or details in the forum.


If you experience any technical difficulties, please email me directly at I will do all I can to address them.