The Center Space

The Inner and outer projections

Imagine you are in a movie theater and the curtains open, the projector starts rolling. This is the external screen of life, the outer projection. This is where your external reality stream plays out. There are sets and actors and plot twists, all kinds of things are happening. It’s a rich and immersive experience.

Now imagine sitting in another movie theater, the projector starts rolling, but what appears on the screen is your inner reality stream. Just as there is an external set of characters, sets and a story, there is your internal one.  Your thoughts, your emotions, moods, inner monologue, the whole inner drama.

Something happens on the “outer screen” and on the “inner screen” there is a translation, a story being told about what’s happening on the outer screen. It becomes a kind of reflection of a reflection.

There are two movies being played simultaneously, a story and a story about a story, and they affect each other, feed into and mirror each other.

The Center Space

Outer movie. Inner movie. Outer story. Inner story. Outer drama, inner drama. Outer reality stream, inner reality stream.

You may feel like passing over this because you already know it. You know this. Maybe you’ve heard this explained many different ways. Life is a movie, yep, got it.

If you’re not an adept right now, then you haven’t really understood this. If you’re not walking the path of mastery, you haven’t truly absorbed this. If you felt the need to take this course, you have not penetrated to the heart of this single understanding. Truly. And neither have I. I am still an Explorer, penetrating deeper each day into this frontier.

So, wipe your mind of what you think you know intellectually about what I just described, and approach it fresh, clean and new. Take your time. Remember, this is not some special spiritual esoteric stuff. This is the base mechanics of your reality.

The center space, or center of awareness (or whatever catchy name you’d like to call it), is when you bring your awareness back to the center, where you observe the outer reality stream and observe the inner reality stream, without being lost in them. If you are lost in the inner or outer reality, you are asleep. You have lost yourself.

When you wake yourself up and return to the center, you are aware of yourself and aware of your reality. Or realties, since there are two projections playing simultaneously, inner and outer. Hooks and programming exist in the inner and outer projections, not in the center.

The center space is where you maintain your awareness as the observer, you maintain your balance, your clarity and your ability to choose, your ability to compose.

When your outer reality captivates you to the point you lose your center of awareness, then you lean forward into your reality stream. You lose your balance. You fall into this outer projection and you lose yourself. You are captured by the outer projection.

When your inner reality captivates you to the point you lose your center of awareness, then you lean and fall out of your center space, into your inner projection. You lose your balance. You fall into the inner projection and you lose yourself to it. In the personal example I gave previously, about generating and playing a vivid unwanted script about abused animals — in that case I fell into my inner projection, and lost myself. My awareness was captivated, and the normally smooth flowing nature of my inner projection became fixed, trapped.

Your inner projection contains your personal egregore. Like all egregores, it’s either a powerful tool that serves you, or it flips the dynamic and you end up serving it.

When you abandon your throne in your center space and fall into the outer projection or the inner projection, you lose yourself.

It’s not about meditation

We often begin exploring the Center Space by going into a quiet, meditative state. We tune out from the outer projection, that’s usually the easy part. Then we learn to retrieve ourselves from the inner projection — which is usually more challenging, since we’re used to being caught up with the thoughts and images and feelings that flit across that screen.

We accomplish this by bringing ourselves into a meditative state. This is fine, as long as you don’t form the assumption that the meditative state is the Center Space.

I’m typing this to you from my Center Space. I’m in a cafe on a humid rainy day in SE Asia, and I’m not tranced out or meditating.

If you need to be in a meditative state to remain in your Center Space, that is absolutely fine. Just know that eventually you can learn to be lucid and engaged with your external reality from the Center Space.

Observing Reality

What is it like to observe your inner and outer reality, rather than being captured by these projections? Some might equate this as a kind of disengagement. Some might assume avoiding attachment means not caring about anything. To this I say: absolutely not.

We will discuss this in more detail in future lessons. It has a lot to do with how we manage ourselves, our energy and how we ultimately get hooked and corded.

Meanwhile, take note of any beliefs or assumptions you may have on this topic. Flip through your mind’s database of images and archetypes. Find ones that relate to spiritual people, spiritual masters, adepts, and see if those mental templates are detached, disengaged, don’t really care about anything in particular. Would you want to invite any of these people to your birthday party? Would you like to have any of these people as a travel partner, to spend three weeks traveling through Italy by train?

If not, if these mental images seem too spiritual or too remote, or too aspriational — take note of that.


Where am I? Who am I? Check in throughout the day and see yourself, and see your reality. Are you lost in the inner or outer projection? Do you know who you are? The center space is where you can cultivate and accumulate energy.  It’s where you have awareness of yourself and know who you are. It’s where you can stand in your authority.

From this grounded, lucid, balanced center space: act, relate, engage with your inner and outer reality. Notice how this feels. Notice how your projected realities become less murky, less dense and more transparent. Notice.

Where are you? Have you fallen into the inner screen or are you in your Center Space, observing your inner reality? Have you fallen into your outer projection, or are you in your Center Space, observing your outer reality?

I see myself (I return to the Center) I see my reality (I am the observer of my inner and outer reality).

It’s obvious what I mean by I see my reality — sure, I’m observing my reality rather than being immersed and consumed in it. But what do I really mean by I see myself? 

Recall in Lesson 1 when we made our statements, where we declared who we were and by what authority we addressed our reality. This is what it means to see yourself, to wake up to yourself. It’s not merely making the statement, it’s where you make that statement from.

The Center Space is where you see yourself. Where you are yourself.

If you’ve been captured by your outer reality and you make your statement from there, it doesn’t have the same power. You’ve lost yourself to the outer projection. Same with the inner projection. The center space is where your throne is, where your authority is recognized. I see myself. I sit on my throne of awareness in the center. I claim my authority.

I wake myself up from the dream of the inner and outer projections. I wake into the Center Space, I know who I am and by what authority I address my inner and outer reality.

Reclaim that grounded, solid, lucid awareness. Check in with yourself throughout the day and bring yourself back from the projections.

Pay attention to how this feels: physically, energetically, mentally. It’s a whole-being shift, not an intellectual exercise.

Notice how you go from being sort of spread out in your inner or outer projections to being complete, energetically self contained, your various bodies, channels and systems orient themselves naturally around your center of gravity.

You become condensed, potent, alone. Authority, sovereignty, is a kind of alone-ness. Your emotional and mental systems are orbiting your own center, rather than being captured and pulled into someone else’s or something else’s center of gravity.

What does this actually feel like?