The Egregores

Autonomous Thought Entities

How are you doing with the concept of the egregore and its role in creating hooks and cords? It’s not essential to grasp the idea of egregores in order to release hooks and cut cords. But if you can get this nuance, it will open up a whole new level of understanding.

I’ll attempt to explain it here, and if you need clarification, just jump into the Forum and we’ll talk it through.

An egregore is a reality creation mechanism — it structures and creates reality, according to its template or program.

It needs energy and adherents to do this.

Adherents provide energy, but also, the egregore clones its program in you, so you can project more, establish more, reinforce the egregore’s version of reality.

It’s running its program inside of you, this gives you a pre-made template of beliefs about yourself, about the world. They are not your own. They establish a set of values, rules and standards…not only for you to meet, but for you to propagate, to project into your layer of reality.

You believe in the rules and standards of this template. You want to be around others who feel, do and believe the same.

You aspire to the goals set for you by this template, and you feel impelled to defend the structure, beliefs and standards of the egregore, as though they were your own.

When you espouse, propagate, reinforce and defend the template of the egregore to others, you are acting as an agent of the egregore. You can be used in this state to control others, to reinforce the template, to throw out hooks to others, on behalf of the egregore.

Egregores want to continue and to grow in power, in density, in weight and influence. They will always move powerfully in the direction of more and defend themselves from being diminished in any way.

Egregores are not always harmful — they exist on a spectrum

The best example of an unambiguously destructive egregore is a cult. On the other end of the spectrum, an example of a beneficial egregore is a healthy, spiritually aware and loving friendship, marriage or family.

You can’t escape egregores because they are the building blocks of human reality. The existence and function of the egregore in this world isn’t evil or harmful by nature, no more than atoms are evil, or gravity. It’s like a knife, which can be used to kill someone or cut peaches for a lovely pie.

The real problem is our total lack of awareness. Being unaware, we have little to no ability to learn the skills necessary to transact with them and maintain sovereignty — or to avoid the ones that are destructive.

Egregore recap

  • They exist. It’s a reality-building tool.
  • It’s a core of intention that draws in human energy in order to organize reality to a specific template.
  • It has no soul, no life and yet it has an I Am simulacrum, a semi-autonomous existence.
  • It is self perpetuating — it wants to live, to grow and to continue having this borrowed I Am existence.
  • It requires human energy to continue. It requires adherents/participants to act/believe/think/feel/desire/assign value according to its template.
  • It compels adherents to defend these template-driven actions/beliefs/thoughts/desires and standards.
  • When you engage with an egregore, you are giving it energy in exchange for something.
  • When you engage with an egregore, you accept a download of its template into your system.
  • These programs or templates create a version of reality. They can include beliefs, values, archetypes, rules/standards.
  • You subscribe to egregores all the time, and you even create them.
  • You are currently hosting lots of egregore templates, programing, without your knowledge.
  • There are skillful, fully conscious ways to engage with egregores.
  • There are skillful, fully conscious ways to create and use egregores.
  • They are powerful reality building tools. Use them consciously to build your reality or…the egregores will build your reality for you, according to their own intentions and principles. Use them intelligently, or be used by them.

This is a very rich and complex topic. For the purpose of this course, we are focusing on becoming aware of the key egregores we’ve already engaged with, the programs and reality templates we’ve been running and the energy we’ve exchanged and what we get (or think we get) in return.